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„Please don’t make anybody a priority, for whom you are only an option.“

„No considere a nadie su prioridad, para quien usted sea solo una opción.“



I would be glad to meet you. You can discuss or systematically present your request in person, by telephone or video conference.
You can find my professional qualifications under VITA. You can read and recognize the potential of my intuitive talents under REFERENCE.
The concrete effect of an encounter with me is described below. The scientific questionnaire enables your self-assessment.


Coaching effects as a 
Change of perspective: „Instead of the problem, to see the solution.”
Profiling becomes a
Reality check: „What affects you, concerns you.”
Mediation looks for an
Approach: „Not contrasts, but the common lies near.”
Talent is responsible for
Competence: „He that has seed shall be given harvest.”
Vocation justifies
Orientation: „I want, I can, I am allowed to be successful.”
Cognition enables the
Right to choose: „To live in love for or in fear of something.“



„There are two ways to see life: 
Either you don’t believe that there are miracles,
or you believe that everything is a miracle.“ 
                               (Albert Einstein)

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Profiling at the golf course?

Yes, of course, as a benefit to your professional position or your company!

Even if you have not built your career on sand and your career expectations have by no
means come to nothing, it is now worthwhile to focus on one goal – your goal!
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Reality Check

Please click on the button below to start the questionnaire,
because it is not the things that worry us,
rather the opinions that we have about it.” (Quote Epiktat)


With the tide all ships rise and the apple doesn’t fall far from the trunk.

Below you will find the main topics for the promotion of giftedness and the gifted, which you can read individually or enjoy the whole. Please do not only have (your) children in mind, but also yourself as a “gifted and gift-giving person.”
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Every second person is left-handed – and maybe dosen’t even know it?

Do you know, if your children, your partner or you are left-handed or right-handed? Do you know what it can mean for you, if you have already been retrained as a child towards the right “well-behaved” hand, perhaps some natural advantages weren’t allowed to develop?
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The “pinhole glasses effect” – do you believe you see with your eyes?

No, even if this statement seems absurd to you, you can’t really see with your eyes. You are welcome to look around and perhaps to burst out laughing, because supposedly you can certainly see what stands, lies or moves next to you.
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Coaching M.A.

Coaching  *  Profiling  *  Mediation
Talent  *  Vocation  *  Cognition

Lecturer Open University London

hpp Claudia Ingrid Mann M.A.