„Please don’t make anybody a priority, for whom you are only an option.“

„No considere a nadie su prioridad, para quien usted sea solo una opción.“

People may forget what you said,
may even forget what you did.
But they will never forget
how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

You are my wild card. As an entrepreneur, it`s necessary to have you with me. Can’t you be bought in as a controller? As an ordinary person, it doesn’t occur to you that your own thoughts have anything to do with sales figures or employee absenteeism. I’ll be back. Thank you so much.

Hotel Owner, (73)

I was not aware of how much I negatively influence everything with my mental ideas and self-talk instead of positively shaping private and professional life. This Mindset topic has now reached me as well. I have you to thank for that. It is enormous what has already changed in this short time, for the better. I will continue to book intensive contact with you.

Tax Consulting, (52)

You’re unbelievable, Mrs Mann, and I don’t even know your first name. One conversation changed my whole life, everything, and I still don’t understand how you did it. I am only grateful that my way led me to you and that I got the appointment. Even though I don’t believe in the miracles you tell me about, it was somehow a miracle for me. Thank you very much.

Businesswoman, (52)

There are no coincidences in life and therefore the way into deep Bavaria led to you. After decades of professional coaching in an unusual entrepreneurial life, it was a great moment to find someone who understands life in its depth and in relation to the whole, but who also pointedly recognizes the challenges in my professional and private life and is able to communicate them to me. It was and is a fundamental enrichment of my life, which will hopefully continue. I look forward to it. It is exciting with you. Thank you.

Lawyer, (70)

Whoever wants to experience the wisdom, the practical one, must go to Mrs Mann. She is from another solar system, as fast as she analyses you, it takes you to a new level of life, that is unimaginable. What have I learned in so few hours and how quickly she has helped me to radically sort out my life and to eliminate the powerful demons like an angel. Hopefully Mrs Mann will not get too bored on our planet and she will disappear into her original orbit, which must be fascinating.

Publisher and Entrepreneur, (69)

It is a healthy girl and her name is Lina. Thank you so much. Without your help all this would have knocked me over and my girl would not have been born healthy. Your courage-building sentence, just in front of the delivery room, is now hanging clearly visible on my fridge: “If courage leaves you, then you will go on alone”. Today my husband and I can laugh about it, but back then it was like a last resort rescue.

Pedagogue, (31)

Thank you, Mrs Mann! For everything – the stomach aches in the beginning were more than worth it! Here one miracle after the other happens – maybe I just couldn’t see it before!
I will contact you if I am stuck somewhere and can’t see the miracles anymore … 

Teacher, (39)

I was fascinated by your statements. As a management consultant, I am not used to being addressed directly and to the point. I had the impression that after just a few minutes you had already captured more of me than I had previously known about myself. That still amazes me. I begin to integrate your suggestions into my professional work and it works. In my private life, too, everything has dissolved into a sense of pleasure. My son can now visit me anytime. Your point of view has initiated a complete change of perspective, which increasingly allows me to recognize “half-full glasses“. You probably meant this with joy of life, when opportunities and potentials can be recognized everywhere. Thank you very much for your straightforward manner. You are worth the money.

Management Consultant, (47)

A few years ago, my body said, “Stop!”
Diagnosis: incurable autoimmune disease!
The doctors told me the disease is treatable but not curable. I had to take heavy medication, which in turn resulted in many side effects. Also glaucoma. I was very afraid of going blind!
And then followed countless wonderful encounters and conversations with YOU FRAU MANN, in which I learned to look at my life with completely different eyes. That should change EVERYTHING.
Because today the “incurable” autoimmune disease no longer exists. I’m healthy, I don’t take any more medication. And the glaucoma no longer exists either. For 2 years I dripped and went over and over again to the ophthalmologic examination – and then suddenly the incomprehensible – the damaged optic nerve is completely in order again. Spontaneous healing?! The ophthalmologist could hardly believe it, several special examinations followed – but the findings remained clearly “healed”.
Who may I thank for that? I thank GOD and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, your patience and your love. It is a great gift that we got to know each other. 

Bank Employee & Painter, (64)

I wanted to inform you that the merger was successful, even with the third-party company. Your precise indications were helpful. Even though I don’t know how you were able to grasp and name the context so concretely in advance. I would also like to make use of your recommendations in the future. There are other projects pending that need to be discussed before they begin. Please schedule time for this. Thank you very much!

Bank Management Committee, (56)

You are the person who brings peace in this world!

Sie sind die Person, die Frieden in diese Welt bringt!

unknown passenger at the airport

Maybe you don’t remember, but 11 years ago you wrote me a personal dedication in your book, back then in the hotel lobby, you had a different name … and everything came exactly as you wrote it. That’s unbelievable, because I now live this vocation and have success with it. You were right about everything with my talent. Maybe you don’t remember that you gave me the book as a present because I didn’t have any money. Now I put the money for the book in this envelope. You brought light into my darkness and believed in me, even in writing. It is good that there are people like you.

Physiotherapist, (38)

I can tell you that everything was fine with me during this annual check-up. I still thank you for your touching coaching sessions, through which we learned to hear our dissonances. Your order of creation is still strange to me, but there are certainly things between heaven and earth that we humans do not understand. You probably do and seem to have a good connection to the higher levels. Tomorrow it will be 5 years since we met you. You were the only person who still believed in the possibility of healing. With this hope you have infected us to simply start the adventure of life again. It was your enthusiasm that faith can move mountains and that we ourselves have to take responsibility for everything we believe and want to achieve. We knew this from our professional life. But it wasn’t easy, despite your academic evidence of placebo effects and self-healing powers. After all, we rediscovered our humour and reinvented ourselves laughing. Different, everything different than before, no longer as an idea, but as moments in life that you experience together gratefully. On the occasion of this anniversary, my wife and I wanted to thank you once again in the sense of: “What heals, is right“.

Family business shoe factory, (71/72)

Dear Mrs Mann, I want to say thank you for reading me the riot act. I am completely different at home now and I also go to school every day. Finally, I understand that the enemies are not outside, but my own thoughts in my head. I’m rarely afraid either. Mum would also like to Skype with you soon and thank you that I was allowed to play with the dog.

Pupil, (16)

I was asked what impact Mrs. Mann has in my life. I am now only going into the last few months: My wife had a horse that did not fit her any more, but that she could not give into other hands either. Mrs. Mann discussed this situation with my wife, which was not harmonious and stressful for us as well as unfair to the horse. Today a new owner happily picked up her horse. My wife and I also started playing golf in August 2018, after Frau Mann had invited us to a golf training session. Last New Year’s Eve we played golf together in Italy. Now we go more and more often on a round of golf and are more than satisfied. 
Frau Mann is a charismatic and inspiring personality. I have often experienced how she can give amazingly effective advice on questions and problems with expertise, empathy and exceptional intuition.

Computer Specialist, (55)

If God really exists, then He must look like you, smile like you, and talk like you. I know that now. You saved our lives. I didn’t want to say that then, but they threatened us badly. When you get out of the scene, you immediately start territorial fighting. We secretly ran away and I kept saying your sentence: “God is with the loving“. Sounds ridiculous to imagine that God is with a dominatrix, well, you know. Everything went well, we couldn’t take much with us at night, but it has to be enough. The main thing is that we have our lives with us again, that’s how you explained it. How can I make it up to you? You didn’t want anything for this new place, real work, our own apartment, what have we done to deserve that? And you still said that I should thank creation, not you. How do you do that? I will write a book so that others will get out, like us. Take good care of yourself. I think you are needed by more people. He said that if I do have a child, it should be called Claudia. Well, he wants a girl. You know that he always gets his way. But I also want a girl to be called Claudia, just like you. You are a good one, a very good one and somehow you know everything. That is reassuring. I feel safe when I think of you and I often do that.

Brothel owner i.R., (32)

The conversation with you was very intense. Your associations with quantum physics are correct, I was able to convince myself of this once again at the Institute. But I have never transferred this context to concrete everyday life, as you do. This is a very interesting approach to Bateson’s levels of learning. My problems have been solved. After everything had settled in my mind, it was understandable that the “other side of the coin is the solution“. For me it is like an awakening not to stare at the side of my problem anymore, but to take the side of the solution at face value. For a woman you have an extraordinary ability to think. Please take this as a compliment, even if I was not very pleased about it during our appointment. For me it required getting used to the fact that someone has such complex knowledge. You do a very good job, recommendable. I thank you.

Professor of Quantum Physics, (38)

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our many years of cooperation, in which you have always helped me in a helping and guiding way and will please continue to do so. When I tell friends and colleagues about our collaboration, I tell them about you as a tailor-made tuning pitchfork that enables me to tune my tone back to my original sound and bring it into harmony – in all areas of my life: In the partnership, in the family, in my health and in my professional success. Thank you very much for that, Mrs Mann!

Social worker, (33)

You’ re really cool when I look at other people. Everything was right for me, I’ll follow your signs. The best thing about it is that it can feel as light as I always thought. That’s good. There is no need to emigrate anymore, if the cool attitude to life stays the same all the time. That convinced me. Then everything ends well anyway. Everything Roger or “Basta”, as you call it.

Medical student, (24)

In the search for my vocation and the meaning of my life, I got to know many things and also tried everything from self-management to energy work to psychotherapy. They were all approaches, but could not answer my most important question. The question is: “And now?? What do I do with it??“ In your case, Mrs. Mann, I realized for the first time that everything I experienced, whether pleasant or unpleasant, was part of me and made me the person I have become to this day. And that everything that was and is in my life was “my best” in the respective situation, as I knew how to live it. As unusual as this approach was for me at the beginning, it led me to develop a YES to myself and to my life. To no longer feel like a victim (of the circumstances, the people, the culture…) and thus to increasingly take responsibility for my life and all my decisions. For me, your way of working has nothing to do with positive thinking or fine speech, but with the change of perception as well as the examination of reality. This is very liberating for me and leads to a quality of life and experience unknown to me so far. I thank Mrs. Mann for her infinite patience, her love for life and people and her unshakeable confidence. The encounter with you is the greatest gift of my life.

Shareholder, (55)

You were always there for me, with advice and action, at any time of the day or night. When it became necessary for me, you showed me the benevolent order of creation of a situation and ALWAYS my half-empty glass became half-full. Thank you for that!!

Pharmacist, (67)

Dear Mrs. Mann! Thank you very much for your encouragement and company. I would like to write to you, because a miracle has happened that was first unnoticed: Suddenly I noticed by the way that the 4 toes (2 on each foot), which had always been grown together, were apart and no longer grew together. Besides, my feet have increased by 1 shoe size and the toes I would like to put it this way: the toes have unfolded their full beauty and health. For me as a foot reflex zone therapist this is such a miracle and quite clearly an expression of the deep effectiveness of your ingenious work. Apart from that, my body has become much lighter and more agile, my charisma alive and my life wonderful, full of wonders. I thank you very much for your immense patience with me and for every word you have spoken and written to me.

Spa Manager, (52)


It has been now 15 years since we “crossed paths” for the first time. We think this is a very special occasion to express our appreciation to you and to follow the path of success gratefully inwardly once again. A path that did not always seem easy. It sometimes cost us some time to overcome ourselves, which we often did not recognize ourselves, but which brought us to where we stand today, thank God. And you were and are no less a person who turns on the torch when it is dark, who like a guide familiar with the place warns of dead ends, detours or calls into the woods full of trees, where you stay, who stands at the edge of the path on even the steepest climbs and fervently cheers and celebrates with us at the intermediate destination. We have reached many intermediate goals with you – privately and professionally. And after all these years we are amazed again and again how you can expose meter-high walls made of the strongest materials as a simple cardboard backdrop and show us how to make them topple over with a small step forward as if there was nothing simpler. Dear Mrs Mann, THANK YOU for your unique coaching on our personal development as MAN and WOMAN in all respects. 

TKS, Quality Engineer/Nurse, (43/41)

Your perspective on life has kept me busy and still keeps me busy. When I use your perspective, in my family or with my patients, everything changes. I’ve checked it over and over again, but it’s true as you see it. I will probably have to rethink some of the things I thought were right in the course of my life. You have told me about the flow of life and sometimes it seems to me now as if I have mostly stood on the shore, as if I am only allowed to watch life. I forgot myself and was always there for the needs of others. If you do it long enough as a doctor, it seems normal. So good that you reminded me again of my femininity and what is possible in my life. For me as a family doctor, you are a heart doctor. It is a gift that you exist.

Doctor, (49)

It was important that you “officially blessed” my properties and prepared me for what was to come. I was then the only white person to get all the building permits, I told the truth everywhere and revealed the cards, as you meant. Of course it wasn’t for me in the beginning, but I quickly realized that this was exactly what it was about. Very well, I thank you for this extremely successful consulting and also for your readiness to take part in this long outward and return flight.

Architect, (51)

It is interesting to go in search of words that can describe what your words and conversations in turn trigger and effect in me. If I had to name individual words, they would be: healing, purification, direction. Liberation and inspiration. For over 15 years you have accompanied me on my way. I feel a never-ending gratitude for every word, every conversation and every encounter with you. You are so much more than a mentor to me.


Singer, Actor, Director , (35)

Dear Mrs. Mann, Thank you for everything! For the wonderful seminars, the conversations, for you and your good words and their effect in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Speech therapist, (48)

Since I met you, you have supported me and challenged me in many questions of life. Be it in the growth towards a responsible husband and father filled with joy or by accompanying me in my independence as a carpenter and joiner. All the decisions I have made with your help are based on a rock, are still valid today and bring new fruits every day. You always look at me with an open heart and I can stand up to your good words. Thank you very much.

Joiner/Carpenter, (37)

30 years ago, several doctors said independently that I wouldn’t live much longer and if I did, I would be in a wheelchair. At that time I had a bent and twisted statics, strong pain in the whole body, unspeakable tiredness and heaviness. Thank God I got to know you! In the conversations you showed and taught me the movement towards life, health, joy and lightness. I have experienced miracle after miracle until I am completely healed! Unique and incomprehensible what you have given me! Thank you for everything!

Homeopathic Practitioner, (52)

Especially as a policeman I found your personal profiling and expertise in criminology very helpful. My guiding principle was “What affects me, concerns me” and the possibility of being able to perceive a connection differently at any time. I find that really exciting. As you predicted, I was promoted this month. It was the right decision to come to you. The encounter gave me a lot of security and self-confidence. I would like to contact you again at a later date. Thank you for making this short-term evening appointment possible.

Policeman, (26)

Dear Mrs Mann, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your highly qualified and resounding guidance in my personal life questions. I can only see it as my greatest happiness to know you and to meet you again and again. All the recommendations and hints that you have given me in your unspeakable gentleness and authority have led me to success, because I have acted accordingly, be it healthily, professionally or personally in my development as a woman. I have become so happy and I like to live so much now. Everything in my life has turned out to be good. As you have described it over and over again that everything in my life wants to be good and enjoyable, unless I myself begin to refer to “unpleasant things“. How nice that you exist. All is mercy.

Teacher, (64)

Your training for my sales force has had very good feedback. The team was thrilled, you seem to have had the laughs on your side. I was impressed by the subsequent increase in turnover. Also the newly acquired team quality, which I was not used to from my gentlemen, speaks for itself, very sporty project. Until now, I was not aware of the influence a systemic approach or presentation of this can have. I would like to deepen this topic with you personally. I thank you for your extraordinary commitment.

Sales Manager, (57)

What makes your coaching so unique is the precision, effectiveness, mindfulness and wisdom with which you recognize, name and change things. Thank you very much for your help and support in recent years!

Taxi driver, (53)

Incredible, first you put a fantastic skill training for golftraining on the table and then you know how I can end my lifelong sleep disorders, now! I sleep like a baby ever since. I want to express my admiration. Thank you very much. 

Golf Professional, (48)

We did really enjoy your activities here in New Mexico.The Rothschild family and the assistance of Bill Gates were so carried away by your working with them. They assured support in establishing your coming over regularly. After your visit, we had some meetings speaking about your wisdom and it seemed, as you were still sitting with us and smiling. Thanks a lot for all the stuff. As you told us, being happy is a life-style, not an event. That’s great.

Orthopedist, (56)

I find the concept for competitive sport unique. Your concept has proven itself very well in practice. It encouraged me to set my goals even higher and to continue learning. Since I found your neurophysiological and psychological expertise so appropriate, I started to study it myself. For this I would like to thank you again.

Sport Director, (58)


Do not make anyone your priority
for whom you are only an option.
Unknown Writer

Coaching M.A.

Coaching  *  Profiling  *  Mediation
Talent  *  Vocation  *  Cognition

Lecturer Open University London

hpp Claudia Ingrid Mann M.A.
Contact: info@fraumann.eu

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